Getting your house ready to sell

Yes it really does matter!

Just like you have a car polished and cleaned before you sell it, you need to do the same for your house. Here are some basic suggestions. I will be able to give your more specific ones when I have seen your home.

Exterior – it is vital to have good curb appeal

This may mean getting rid of dead bushes, painting faded shutters, keeping your lawn manicured or planting flowers. Never let your walk or driveway stay icy in the winter.

Interior – so much to do!!!

1. Declutter your home as much as possible!! We don’t want your
house to look too small
2. Clean and touch up chipped or scratched paint
3. Make sure you have bright lights in the house and keep window shades open for showings
4. Make your kitchen and baths sparkle
5. If you have pets- make sure there is no pet odor in your home
and keep them out of the buyer’s way for showings.
6. Cigarette smell can ruin a sale – so move all smoking outside
7. Create a mood with soft music
8. Please the sense of smell. Deodorizers make a buyer think you
are trying to hide an odor. Natural, pleasant smells – like
baking or fresh flowers is preferable.
9. Put all small valuables in a safe storage area – out of view
10. Make your beds every day and pickup toys and other clutter.
11. Make yourself scarce for showings. Never follow a buyer through your house – that is the agent’s job.