Why should we use a buyer’s agent?

It almost never costs the buyer anything to work with a Buyer’s Agent. The Seller pays the commission. Yet, you gain hugely from using a Realtor to represent you in the transaction. This becomes important when you are negotiating the price for a house or repairs to be made post-home inspection. With a buyer’s agent, you get a professional who is working in your best interest. By choosing and working with one individual, she gets to know you and your housing needs, and can help you find the property of your dreams. A Buyer’s Agent can also represent you in a For Sale By Owner transaction and make sure that don’t overpay for the property and that your transaction goes smoothly.

How do I choose a buyer’s agent?

Ask friends and co-workers for recommendations. Look for an experienced agent who is very familiar with the area you want to buy into. DO NOT call the name on the sign of the house you want to see – or you will end up working with the Seller’s agent and have no one to represent your interest. Once you have seen a house with one agent, you cannot change your representation.

What if I’m buying a new home?

Most builders will pay your Buyer’s Agent a commission. This allows you to have representation at no cost. Remember, if you are buying a new home and selling your old one, Lichtman Associates Real Estate can save you money with our dual transaction program.

How do I start the process of finding a home?

The first step is to determine what you can spend. We look at what mortgage you qualify for as well as how much you are comfortable paying each month. Then we decide what communities you want to look at. I will then send you an Email with properties that may meet your needs. You select the ones you want to see, and we start looking at homes.

What happens when I find a house that I like?

The first step is to look at the recent sales in the neighborhood to determine the value of the house. Then we put in an offer and, hopefully, negotiate to a satisfactory price. I will review the contracts with you when you sign them, I will guide you through attorney review, mortgage application, home inspection, and getting ready for settlement. I am always available to answer phone calls or Emails when you have questions.

What other help might I need?

I will offer to send a letter of introduction to your new neighbors. This will make your moving experience easier because the neighbors often come over to greet you – sometimes with a cake! During your transaction, I am here to help you choose professionals to work with – such as lender, home inspector, termite inspector, handyman, roofer, etc.